Holden Commodore Review

What stand out?

The Holden Commodore happens to be a comfortable and roomy family wagon or sedan, with superb road-holding & the option of a very big V-8 engine. All versions have a self-parking system and revering camera, & the more expensive model can be bought in luxury or sport trim.


What might bug you?

  1. Paying for fuel—(if you happen to use the performance)
  2. Less than stellar-resale on some models
  3. You can squeeze long luggage or object into the car’s boot—(the sedan’s seat-back do not fold).

What body designs are there?

Wagon and sedan. Both are rear wheel drive.

The Commodore is categorized as a large vehicle, lower priced.

What features do all Holden Commodore have?

Headlamps and cruise control that automatically switch when it’s dark.

Dual-zone air conditioning, which lets the driver & passenger to independently set temperatures.

A self-parking system and a reversing camera which help steer the vehicle into a parking lot.

Bluetooth connectivity, color touch screen and a Smartphone app for music & other functions.

Trailer sways control that operates the engine & brakes automatically so as to dampen oscillation.

Types of engines

The smallest is 3.0-litre V6 happens to be the less expensive Holden Commodore__the Evoke, fuel consumption is 8.9-litres per 100 km.

Whilst even the V-6 engine is agile, there are 2 bigger engines that always feel more comfortable and relaxed on the super-highway & make easier the work of hauling or pulling a boat or caravan.

The 3.6-litre V-6 offers about 20% more power with a zing that is attached to the exhaust-note.

The V-8 is the performance standout___In many driving-conditions, its 6.0 liters can lazily punch-oou twice as much urge and energy as the smaller V-6.

What are the key features?

The evoke model is the only Holden without a spare tyre— it comes with a kit for puncture repair.

Wheels grow to eighteen inches and support lower and wider profile tyre, for more grip & more responsive steering. There is a stiffer, “sports” suspension setup, leather wrapped steering wheels and LED running lights.

What about safety measures in a Holden Commodore?

The car comes with a complete suite of auto-dipping headlights, air bags & a reversing camera.

The SS-V and Calais V Redline gadget warn if the vehicle wanders or gets out of its designated lanes. Another alert-beeps if a bike or a car is in a blind spot when you want to change lanes.

Last but not least the front collision alert on SS-V and Calais V Redline warns of an impending-crash. The ANVAP-Australian New Vehicle Assessment Program awarded the Holden its maximum safety measures rating, 5 stars.